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What an idiot. Eww.



Yet another fan submission. 

For the record, this is what the pop star Wang Lee Hom looks like:


And this is what our creepy white guy who sent the message looks like (photo sent in by the unfortunate girl who received the horrible message):


Yeah… I think I’m gonna go with the gorgeous Asian guy with the perfect body.

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The Jane Doze present “I Could Be Alive,” a mashup featuring:

“Apollo ft. Amba Shepherd” - Hardwell
“I Could Be The One” - Avicii & Nicky Romero
“Alive” - Krewella
“Alive ft. Kate Elsworth” - Dirty South & Thomas Gold
“DNA” - Little Mix

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My grandfather got suspended from Catholic school for referring to Jesus Christ and the twelve apostles as J.C. and the Boys.

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